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Do you speak on something?
Previous post from "D.PIOTR" was deleted for Legal reasons.
Hello Meija if you join our teamspeak 3 server we'll assist you. IP: [link]
hello, i am new here as well can someone assist me and tell me what is the next step. codes and if there is any training course.
Hey everyone i am new to this kind of thing. if someone could help me with the codes for policing that would be great, thanks.

Welcome me as Co-Director

[PO] Zumorio aPOOWNER posted Aug 16, 13
Hello everyone!

Today i got promoted to Co-Director of the CS:PD.
If you have any questions, just ask me or poke me on teamspeak and i'll reply as soon as i can.

A little bit about myself:
I'm Jimmy and i live in the Netherlands.
I'm 13 year old and i joined the CS:PD not a while ago, i still enjoy it and i love to help people.
I speak English and Dutch, while i'm starting to learn German.
Also, i like to design things with photoshop.
And ofcourse i like to code, the current code languages i know are: HTML, CSS, Pawn and PHP

Want to contact me?
Skype: Jimmy0wns
GFWL: TMW x Jimmy0wns

Zumorio AKA Jimmy

All members have been un-banned, we will shut down if members do not start to become active, you all have 5 days, if you're not active we will shut down.. please be active.


-CS:PD Director Kieran Signing Off.

Special thanks to:
Shane (F9 NINJA) 
Abel (A.Maxwell)
Huskies (Huskies xD)
Ryan (R.Brunson).

©ColneStatePolice 2013
I feel we need more activity within this clan, all we ask is if you would get on teamspeak and socialize. Thanks for your time.

-CS:PD Director Kieran.
[[S]] Kieran aOWNER You are correct. We're going to start putting our foot down with inactive members, if you do not log into the Teamspeak ...

Teamspeak 3

[[S]] Kieran aOWNER posted Aug 2, 13
For unknown reasons the Teamspeak is down. I'll let you know when we're back up and  running!

Cars are NOW complete.

[[S]] Kieran aOWNER posted Aug 1, 13
Car were successfully completed at 5:04am on the 1st of August 2013.

Ask Morgan/kieran for the link to the new pack..

Love you all.

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